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Tooth Filling / Dental Filling

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In dental filling, the decayed part of the tooth that has cavities is cleaned properly. After cleaning, the empty space is then filled with proper dental material to protect it from further damage. Different types of filling, like porcelain, gold filling, silver, amalgam, plastics, and other types of materials are used on the surface of the tooth.
What is Teeth Filling?
Teeth decay results in cavities and these are a very common condition found in people. In the ideal scenario, tooth decay must be treated as early as possible to prevent it from spreading deeper into a tooth or to other teeth in the mouth. Teeth filling is a procedure by which early-stage tooth decay is treated and the tooth’s function and aesthetics restored. One of the many causes of sensitive teeth is tooth decay. When the decay causes cavitation into the dentine layer, it elicits a sensitivity response to cold food or air and this is one of the first symptoms that your tooth needs a filling. Teeth filling is a procedure wherein the dentist removes the decayed portion of a tooth and fills the cavity formed with an appropriate filling material. Promptly filling a tooth helps in fighting tooth decay and prevents its further spread into the tooth.
Why is Cavity Filling Required?
Dental decay is brought about by bacteria that use food debris around a tooth as substrate and produce acids that dissolve the tooth structure, in a way eating into the tooth. As a result, a cavity is formed. Many of you wonder – “What if a cavity is not filled?” Well, when a cavity is formed in the tooth, it weakens the structure of the tooth. A cavity is filled with a strong material that replaces the lost structure of the tooth, to restore its form and function, and in many cases, even its aesthetics.
Types of Teeth Filling
There are different types of teeth filling material and most people wonder which is the best teeth filling material? You can discuss with your dentist about the best teeth filling material option for you as the decision is based on many factors such as – the extent of decay, cost of the filling, and convenience. Some commonly used teeth-filling materials are:-
-Silver Amalgam
-Glass Ionomer Filling
-Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

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